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This web application is licensed under the Gnu Public License, which should be included in the same directory as this README. A copy can be found at See INSTALL for installation notes. See INSTALL.mysql for using PhpWiki with MySQL. See INSTALL.pgsql for using PhpWiki with PostgreSQL See INSTALL.mSQL for using PhpWiki with mSQL. For a list of current bugs see: The out-of-the-box version uses a dbm file in the /tmp directory; you may wish a more permanent place for yours, but make sure it's read/writable by your web server! NOTE: Not all database versions are equal. The MySQL and Postgresql implementations have the full set of features; DBM and mSQL are missing only a few, and the flat file implementation is solid and waiting for your improvement. All are suitable for production. NOTE 2: Not all the admin functions are implemented, but the page locking sure is nice. MANIFEST: index.php: the "main page", really a set of branching instructions admin.php: entry page for doing wiki administration lib/config.php: configuration options, constants, global variables lib/db_filesystem.php support for flat file Wiki lib/dbmlib.php: database access functions for dbm files lib/display.php: display a page (this calls "lib/transform.php") lib/editlinks.php: edit the embedded links of a page lib/editpage.php: edit a page lib/fullsearch.php: full page text search lib/mysql.php: database access functions for mySQL lib/pageinfo.php: gives detailed low-level info on the page structure lib/pgsql.php: database access functions for PostgreSQL lib/savepage.php: save a page to db, thank user lib/search.php: page title search lib/setupwiki.php: load a set of pages from ./pgsrc/ directory lib/stdlib.php: standard library of functions (non-db related) lib/transform.php: convert wiki markup into HTML lib/ziplib.php: support for zip/unzip, used for page dumps admin/: admin/dumpserial.php: dump the Wiki out as serialize() pages admin/loadserial.php: load Wiki pages that were dumped with dumpserial admin/lockpage.php: lock a page so it cannot be edited admin/ Perl script to reduce size of DBM files admin/wiki_dumpHTML.php: dump the Wiki out as HTML pages admin/wiki_port1_0.php: import a 1.0 PhpWiki database admin/wiki_rebuilddbms.php: rebuild DBM files to reclaim disk space admin/zip.php3: create a Zip archive of all Wiki pages templates/: browse.html: for rendering most pages editlinks.html: template for editing references editpage.html: template for form for editing pages message.html: error/system message template schemas/: SQL schemas for the RDBMSs Steve Wainstead $Id: README,v 1.9 2001/02/02 03:03:27 wainstead Exp $
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